Benefits of Membership

NAPO – The National Association of Professional Organizers – is the premier authority on organizing. By becoming a member of the CT Chapter, you will be aligning yourself with an organization committed to furthering the growth of the industry and helping you succeed.

NAPO-CT exists to provide you with a variety of benefits, including:

  1. Business Growth:

    As the organizing authority, NAPO attracts people seeking to learn both why and how to hire a professional organizer. The NAPO-CT website provides members with the opportunity to advertise and promote their businesses, and to be found by potential clients via either specialty and location.

    As a member of NAPO-CT, you have instant credibility within the state of Connecticut. You have access to the NAPO-CT member logo and are free to use this on all your business publications.

  2. Professional Development:

    Each month, NAPO-CT holds meetings in Hamden, CT for members and guests. These meetings feature speakers who provide education and instruction to help you grow your business. Past speakers have provided educational sessions on a variety of topics, including:

    • marketing
    • organizing technique
    • new business development
    • strategic partnerships
    • organizing resources


    Many of our speakers fulfill the requirements for any organizers pursuing the CPO designation.

    In addition, during these meetings there are regular opportunities to talk with and learn from other professional organizers who are “in the trenches.”

  3. Career Resources: 

    NAPO-CT seeks to serve its membership by making abundant educational resources available to all members. Through our member-only library, members can access a variety of materials including:

    • Audio recordings from previous NAPO conference keynote messages and break-out sessions
    • Books on professional organizing
    • The CPO certification study guide
    • Information on complimentary CT service providers


  4. Strategic Partnerships: 

    NAPO-CT provides the forum for members to grow their businesses through strategic alliances and relationships. Members enjoy:

    • A preferential relationship with our Associate Members
    • The opportunity to either be or receive a mentor within the chapter
    • Networking with other professional organizers in the state
    • A forum to discuss challenges, success and strategies
    • Camaraderie with other small business owners


  5. Service Opportunities: 

    Joining NAPO-CT provides you with the opportunity to give back both to your colleagues and your profession. The success of NAPO-CT depends on the contribution of all its members.

Questions? Please email our membership director!