Certification Programs

The Certified Professional Organizer®

The professional organizing industry has a certification program that was developed by NAPO and is operated under the auspices of the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers® (BCPO®). The Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) designation is a voluntary, industry-led effort that benefits the public and members of the organizing profession. CPO Certification recognizes those professionals who have met specific minimum qualifications and have proven through examination and client interaction that they possess the body of knowledge and experience required for certification. The program recognizes and raises industry standards, practices, and ethics. While the CPO designation is not an endorsement or recommendation, certification of professional organizers maximizes the value received from the services provided and products recommended by a CPO.

For more information, visit the BCPO Web site at www.certifiedprofessionalorganizers.org or call the BCPO headquarters at 800.556.0484.

What Is the Difference Between CPO and CPO-CD®?

Some professional organizers have had questions regarding the difference between the ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) certification program and the CPO® program.

In 2002, the ICD launched an educational certificate and certification program for professional organizers focusing on chronic disorganization. Graduates of ICD’s program obtain the CPO-CD® designation.
In April 2005, NAPO and ICD became affiliated associations, formally establishing a positive relationship, which we honor and continue to foster. Both organizations maintain their own board of directors, mission, and autonomy, as each is an independent organization. The glue that makes us affiliates is our similarity of purpose. NAPO and ICD are both 501(c)(3) nonprofit associations, we share complementary missions, and we both desire to leverage our resources and maximize member and subscriber benefits. What does make us different is our focus.

The Board of Certification of Professional Organizers (BCPO) offers a certification exam based on specific eligibility requirements, including prior organizing experience and proof of independent education. NSGCD’s certification is based on its own educational programs specific to chronically disorganized client work, with follow-up exams to prove earned proficiency for certification designation. The certifications are different in approach and structure, and both are available to you depending on your own needs, purpose, and educational/professional focus.