What We Do

Professional Organizers are here to serve your needs. Within NAPO-CT, we have professionals who specialize in many aspects of organizing, including everything from garages to paperwork to floor planning.

If you’ve never worked with a Professional Organizer before, here is what to expect:

1. An initial consultation. Most organizers will conduct either a phone or in-person consultation to discuss your needs. This gives us an opportunity to clearly understand where we can serve you best.

2. A proposal/contract: After the initial “meet and greet,” the next step is a proposal. Some organizers work on a verbal agreement, others provide a written proposal or a contract. This stage will outline the details of the project, and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and move at your own pace.

3. A financial agreement. Professional Organizers are all about value. Some organizers bill by the hour, others by the project or package. If we have never worked with you, it can be difficult for us to estimate how long a project will take. However, most organizers will provide a rough estimate.


4. Work Sessions. Depending on your needs, the Professional will come and work alongside you to complete the project. In some cases this will be a couple of long days, in others it may be meeting weekly to get things in order. It all depends on your needs. Many of our Professional Organizers offer virtual services as well, and can help you get organized via phone or Skype.