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NAPO-CT announces that the beneficiary of the 2022 Summer Makeover Project is The Junkluggers of Fairfield and Westchester County, a NAPO-CT Business Partner and its 10,000 square foot warehouse, Remix Market

On Friday, July 8, 2022 a large contingency of NAPO-CT (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals–Connecticut Chapter) members will gather together in Stamford to transform The Junkluggers warehouse into a workable and shop-able environment for the Remix Market. What is needed is an efficient incoming/outgoing process of the furniture and housewares throughout the warehouse. The object is to create a shopping-friendly environment for its customers.

The Junkluggers, known as the ‘Eco-Friendly Junk Removal’ company knows that not all items removed from their client’s homes need to go the landfill. Many items handled by The Junkluggers staff can be recycled, repurposed, reused thus reducing the environmental footprint.

Remix Mascot

The Remix Market was launched from a grassroots team effort in 2013 and has grown from weekend garage sales into the current 10,000 square foot facility at The Junkluggers in Stamford, a NAPO-CT Business Partner. Proceeds from the sale of items stored within the showroom are designated for Mikey’s Way Foundation. The mission of this charitable foundation is to better the lives of pediatric cancer patients by creating meaningful diversions and connections to the outside world children are forced to leave behind.

NAPO-CT members are fully aware of the hard work in store for them on the day of the makeover event. Over the past years, they have provided their services for two garage makeovers, the clearing, organizing and staging a home for sale,  and a full warehouse makeover at Journey Home in West Hartford. In these events NAPO-CT professional organizers and business partners came together and accomplished an amazing transformation in just 6 hours. They are at it again for Remix Market — just another day of community service. To read more about these accomplishments, check out the NAPO-CT Community Outreach page.

We need your help!

What if there was a way YOU could help kids with cancer and help the environment at the same time? Well, read on to find out how you can support this project.


NAPO-CT members are providing the labor, but we need some help with materials, including display shelving, fixtures, and structures. We’re trying to raise $3,000 for this worthy cause. Any additional money raised will go straight to Mikey’s Way Foundation.

Want to contribute? A recently established GoFundMe campaign will help us move this project forward. Every little bit helps.


Anyone wishing to support this meaningful, worthwhile foundation and the many hands involved in the transformation on July 8, 2022, may do so by sponsoring a phase of the NAPO-CT Summer Makeover Project.

We need shelving, signage, lunch, energy snacks, beverages, wall mounting hooks, cleaning supplies, etc. And, even a place to celebrate at the end of the day would be a welcomed respite for these tired, thirsty, hungry organizers before they head home in the Friday evening traffic. Sponsors are needed to augment the work this amazing group of organizers will perform on makeover day.

Please contact Matt Baier, NAPO-CT Past President, Chief Coordinator of the 2022 Summer Makeover Project.

Here’s Mikey handing out electronics to pediatric patients. Click on ‘‘ to read his story.

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