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NAPO-CT members reach out to Connecticut citizens in need!

    Makeover Projects

    One great source of pride in our chapter is our Community Outreach Projects. Every July since 2016 we have done a major organizing makeover. The first three were contest winners and the fourth one was a donation warehouse. In these events NAPO-CT professional organizers and business partners came together and accomplished an amazing transformation in just 6 hours. These outreach projects are terrific opportunities to learn each other’s strengths, which in turn strengthens our chapter. Together we make a big difference in people’s lives and have a lot of fun!

    Over the years…

    During 2020 & 2021 we were in the midst of the Covid pandemic preventing us from gathering as a group and completing a makeover project. But, we’ll be back…

    2019 – Journey Home

    2018 – Dream Garage Contest

    2017 – Set to Sell Contest

    2016 – Garage Makeover Contest

    2021 – The Undies Project

    NAPO-CT Answers the Call

    When NAPO-CT members are asked to pitch in and help those less fortunate, we respond! Due to Covid restrictions, we have not held an in-person meeting since February 2020, but that didn’t stop members from taking this year’s outreach project seriously. YES, SERIOUSLY!

    Bonnie Arrix, NAPO-CT Secretary and Coordinator for 2021 Summer Outreach Project, delivered our accumulated collection to The Undies Project of Cos Cob, CT.

    The total tally was:

    652 gently used/new bras for women and girls
    280new briefs for men and boys
    720new panties for women and girls
    13new pairs of socks as an extra bonus!

    This is what Bonnie passed on to members: “The Undies Project told me that they have NEVER had a group exceed expectations like NAPO-CT did. We pulled in the record for donations! I feel proud as a peacock to be part of such a class act association!”

    We are all proud to be members of NAPO-CT and show our true colors as we accept the challenge for a worthy cause: To provide underwear for those in need.

    Here are a few comments from our Facebook page:

    Yay!! Go NAPO-CT!! I just found out I have another bag coming too!
    I collected 251 bras!! Got to love our clients!!
    SO AWESOME!! Great effort for a great cause!
    Kudos to you Bonnie for spearheading this project and for your continued efforts through personal hardships.
    It was a fun project and ServiceMaster Albino was excited to participate.

    V.O.I.C.E – Summer 2020 Outreach Project

    CLICK HERE to see what NAPO-CT members were up to for the Community Outreach Project in the middle of Covid-19.

    IKEA Workshops

    NAPO-CT organizers donate their time and expertise during IKEA workshops.

    Get Organized (GO) Month

    CLICK HERE to learn more about GO Month and how NAPO-CT contributes

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