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NERCPO 2020 Slide Show

Take a moment to wander down NERCPO memory lane and the virtual vendor fair.

NERCPO started in 2015 in a small room in Stamford, CT. With fingers crossed we hoped to have at least 25 attendees. As the pictures show, the room was crowded but full of eager organizers wishing to continue their education and personal growth and development. We quickly realized an upgrade to a bigger facility was imperative. Every year we grew bigger and better. Thank you all for coming back year after year and spreading the word that NERCPO is the best conference in the northeast. We must be doing something right!

INSTRUCTIONS: It may take a moment or two to open the PowerPoint slide show, so please be patient. Once it is fully loaded and the music starts, you can click on each slide to transition forward one-slide-at-a-time.

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