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Let’s get started…

This year for GO! Month instead of meeting in a central location to collect items, we will each do an individual food drive and deliver to our local food banks.

Here’s how you can contribute to this very worthy and timely cause.

Step 1

Right away you can reach out to your friends, clients, networking groups, places of worship, and other community groups and let them know you are collecting for a Food Drive delivery in January.  CLICK HERE to access the GO! Month flyer and don’t forget to fill in your information.

Step 2

Choose items from the Preferred Food Items list below.*  Check for expiration dates and draw a line with a marker through the UPC codes.  Collect items in shopping bags. We will be measuring our contributions by the bag-full.

Step 3

Find your nearest food bank from the partial Food Banks list below or simply Google food banks near me.

Step 4

Print out GO! Month sign HERE before heading off to your local food bank.

Step 5

No need to wait until January 15 to drop off your food collection at your local food bank. Go at your convenience any time in January. Don’t forget to print and bring your GO! Month signCLICK HERE for sign if you didn’t print it in Step 4.

When you drop off your bags of food let them know that you’d like to get a photo of you with the bags of food and your GO! Month sign. You can take a selfie or ask nicely for someone else to shoot it. Before you go, be sure you have counted how many bags you delivered.

That’s it!

Sharing your photos…

We will be sharing photos on social media throughout the month of January as they come in. At the end of the month we will collect them all together on our web site.

Please send your photos directly to Emily Maiocco, Director of Marketing.

*Preferred Food Items

  • Instant Potatoes
  • Stuffing
  • Pasta and Pasta Sauce
  • Rice
  • Rice Mixes
  • Soup (Chicken Noodle, Tomato, others
  • Ramen
  • Pork and beans
  • Baked Beans
  • Beans (red, white, black)
  • All canned vegetables
  • Condiments (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard
  • Tuna
  • Canned meat
  • Coffee
  • Sugar, Flour, Baking needs
  • Cereal
  • Jelly

Food Banks throughout Connecticut

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