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Get Ready for GO (Get Organized!) Month – January 20, 2023!

January is Get Organized & Be Productive (GO!) Month, an annual initiative sponsored by NAPO. GO Month celebrates how NAPO members improve the lives of their clients by helping them create environments that support productivity, general health and well-being.

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    NAPO-CT gets involved

    NAPO-CT has a tradition of celebrating GO Month by collecting and donating items to benefit some of the great charity organizations in our communities. Over the years, we’ve collected books for Read to Grow; clothing for Big Brothers/Big Sisters; sporting equipment for SKORE; craft supplies for EcoWorks; food for food pantries; and most recently, a huge coat drive! As a group, we have been known to “knock it out of the park” when it comes to collecting a truly staggering amount of items in need, and distributing them to appreciative charity organizations!

    For NAPO-CT’s January 2023 GO Month Project, we’ve partnered with HOPE 4:10 a grass-roots organization in Manchester, CT (see history below) that, among MANY things, works to provide those in need with cleaning supplies and personal care products through their “Free Clean Fridays.”

    Why Hope 4:10?

    NAPO-CT GO Month 2023 partnership with Hope 4:10 is exciting for several reasons: 

    1. It supports a great cause
    2. It’s a NEW category of items for us to collect
    3. It is hard to find places that will accept donations of cleaning supplies and personal care products… especially those that have been opened and are not brand new. HOPE 4:10 accepts these! 

    How great to get these useful items to those that need them, AND divert them from the landfill. A WIN, WIN, WIN!! 

    An opportunity we can’t pass up

    Not only do we have the opportunity to gather these needed items over the next few months, but HOPE 4:10 has invited us to volunteer with them on the afternoon of January 20 to assemble bags for distribution, AND help distribute these bags of needed items to their clients. This will be a fun group activity for those interested in participating after our January chapter meeting.

    More details to come. In the meantime, please start collecting. Below is the HOPE 4:10 Wish List and their history.

    A note from HOPE 4:10

    We, at Hope 4:10, would love to partner with NAPO-CT to collect
    (even opened containers) of the following products:

    • Napkins
    • Paper towels
    • Tissues
    • Toilet Paper
    • Toilet bowl cleaner
    • All-purpose cleaner like Lysol or Fabuloso
    • Sponges
    • Lysol wipes
    • Dish-washing liquid
    • Laundry detergent
    • Dishwasher detergent (Cascade etc)
    • Liquid hand soap
    • Ziploc baggies, saran wrap and tinfoil 
    • Shampoo & conditioner
    • Bar soap or body wash
    • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash
    • Feminine products
    • Razors and shaving cream
    • Deodorant (this should be new) 
    • Q-tips
    • Body lotion
    • Sunscreen

    CLICK HERE for a printable/downloadable pdf of Hope 4:10 wish list

    HOPE 4:10 History

    HOPE 4:10 began when Darcy (the current Director of HOPE 4:10) and two male colleagues were asked to help a single Mom who had nine children, find new housing. The family was continuously getting evicted from their apartments because having nine children in the home broke the fire code. She realized their level of poverty was dire and began helping them with great HOPE 4 the 10 of them to break out of the poverty cycle and thrive in life.

    HOPE 4:10 was born in 2016 and has grown to over 700 members on a private Facebook page where goods are freely exchanged, jobs are posted, social service agency help is directed and people are encouraged to take the next right step. From our time helping Sophia and her children, we learned a lot! One thing that stuck with us was that people who are on government assistance programs like SNAP can only receive food — and they struggle more with trying to buy personal hygiene and cleaning supplies than they do with getting food. That is why Hope 4:10 holds FREE CLEAN FRIDAYS (usually held on the 3rd Friday of every other month), where bags are assembled and filled with items such as hand soap, napkins, toilet bowl cleaner, shampoo, body wash/bar soap etc. Then people in need that have signed up (currently 55 families) can drive through and pick-up their bags of goodies.

    HOPE 4:10 operates the FREE CLEAN FRIDAYS out of the Trinity Covenant Church back parking lot at 302 Hackmatack Street in Manchester, CT

    For more information, please contact, Sue Duval, NAPO-CT Immediate Past President

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