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Reasons to Join

Should you join NAPO-CT?

NAPO-CT members, sporting their uniform T-shirts are ready to begin work on the Remix Market Makeover
NAPO-CT 2022 Remix Market Makeover

10 Reasons to join NAPO-CT

  1. Network to get to know your colleagues
  2. Collaboration and referrals from fellow members
  3. Listing on NAPO-CT Directory
  4. Neighborhood groups
  5. Professional development through the sharing of knowledge and monthly speakers
  6. Strategic Alliances with NAPO-CT Business Partners
  7. Exposure via NAPO-CT community events — IKEA Mega Events, GO Month, NERCPO, Community Outreach Projects
  8. Fun times at summer and holiday socials
  9. Member-only resources on the NAPO-CT website
  10. and so much more — Come join this active and vibrant chapter of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals

Something to think about!

If colleagues don’t know you or understand your specialty,
they can’t refer business to you.
Being involved in your profession
keeps you on top of the game.