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Thanks to Pat Creedon, NAPO-CT Business Partner for updating the NERCPO logo.

It started in 2015

The Northeast Regional Conference for Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NERCPO) began in 2015 as the brainchild of then NAPO-CT President, Seana Turner and NAPO-CT Director of Professional Development, Susan O’Connell.

The first conference was held on the top floor of Atria Senior Living in Stamford, CT. NAPO-CT members were behind this uncharted project and fully committed to its success. With our fingers crossed, we were expecting 25 attendees. As it turned out, the room was crowded to say the least. It was evident that we would have to transfer to a larger facility if we planned to continue.

It continued – 2016-2019

Continue we did when we relocated to the UConn Campus in Stamford in 2016 and acquired a room that would hold 100+ attendees along with two hallways for the hospitality table and the vendor fair, space for breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages, and plenty of comfy sitting areas for the breakout sessions. We welcomed participants from all of New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We set the stage and wrote the procedure manual for an annual event for years to come under the direction of Susan O’Connell, NERCPO Chair.

Then, the year of Covid-19

Then, 2020 hit! Our first reaction was to cancel the conference due to restrictions and consequences of the corona virus. Sad as that was, we vowed to keep NAPO-CT members and potential attendees safe.

BUT, wait! Why not have a virtual conference where masks were not required and no need to travel? Okay members, who has any idea how we can do that?

Well, NAPO-CT has some fantastic members that simply said, “Let’s start researching!” And, research we did! Within 6 months, thanks to our super TechTeam, we had it all pulled together and orchestrated right down to the minute. With the expectation of 120 attendees, we were ready to rock.

And, the rest is history…

On November 14, 2020, history was made as NAPO-CT successfully launched NERCPO 2020. To view the scrolling vendor fair and witness past NERCPO years CLICK HERE!

A huge shout out to NAPO-CT Business Partners and Vendors that provide our members and NERCPO attendees with resources to augment our businesses and help our clients.


Hope to see you all next year either virtually or in person. Date to be determined. Watch your emails early spring 2021 when we make the final decision of what, when and how.

CLICK HERE for the NERCPO H-U-G-E thank you and testimonials.

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